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Update: December 3

Missed us? So did we! 😊

As always, we don't come empty-handed and are excited to unveil our freshest update:

1) New widget — «Matrix»

Matrix is a group of multiple-choice questions displayed in a table (grid of rows and columns). The rows present the questions to the respondents, and the columns offer a set of predefined answer choices that apply to each question in the row.

2) New widget — «Email»

This new widget is designed to collect email addresses of your audience.

3) New widget — «Date and Time»

If you need to get exact information — time or date and time — this widget is your go-to solution.

4) New section — «Multimedia»

With the help of the Multimedia section you can set up and edit images or videos for any widget. Either by uploading your custom multimedia or by browsing an existing catalog.

5) Redesigned survey page

Now the survey form fits the entire page, which makes the survey pleasant and convenient to use.

6) Time zone

You can set the needed time zone both for the account and for an individual survey. This way you will be able to track your audience activity in more detail.

7) Reusing answers in survey questions

To create more personalized surveys, reuse answers to questions in the subsequent questions. For example, if a question prompts users to enter their name, you can start the following questions with the answer. To do that, use the @ symbol in the question where you’d like to reuse the respondent’s answer.

8) New button styles

Now there are two design options for buttons: Filled and Border. This will make your surveys more versatile and unique. Experiment with this option in the Design section.

9) Linking

Now you can enjoy the option of adding links. When highlighting the text you can assign the link to the page where a user will be redirected when clicking on this link.

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